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NBA Is Learning From IPL Says NBA Asia Chief Ramez Sheikh!

The Managing Director Ramez Sheikh of NBA Asia speaks about the learning of NBA from IPL. On Saturday speaks about the league having a lot to learn from the cricket tournament.

According to Sheikh IPL is being done an amazing job as they evolve and are creating a product that is relevant and fun. He thinks all sports event the NBA in the United States needs to continue to think about keeping the fans engaged in the game. He says that they cannot take the fandom for granted and in India, with the IPL they will agree.

Ramez Sheikh says that they are inspired by IPL and are learning. He is also the charge of the operation of the NBA league in Asia and India earlier. Currently, he is in charge of Abu Dhabi for the preseason game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks.

He mentions the role of IPL in evolving cricket games and how the NBA takes inspiration from the cricket tournament. They wish to make basketball as successful as the cricket IPL is.

He also mentions how IPL has done an amazing job in creating a spectacle where the nature of the game is changing the time, the format and many more. Like they are thinking of their game and the product in the United States.

They are inspired by IPL in many ways as he says that those are a few things they think about and are inspired by the Indian Premier League.

NBA is soon going to be marking its comeback in India where the statement is released by Adam Silver NBA commissioner.

NBA was in India previously for a game in Mumbai. It was back in 2019 that the game came to India in Mumbai for the match of Sacramento Kings, which is half owned by Vivek Ranadive and Indiana Pacers.

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