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Does NBA Have Plans To Comeback To India?

NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver speaks about the NBA coming back to India in one of the leading portals. They have a focus on developing the game in the county where speaking about the same in a press conference.

Ahead of the two pre-seasons that took off in Abu Dhabi NBA speaks about NBA returning to India. He states, They have plans to come back to India, as they have discussed returning there many times.

They always have a great experience when they had come to India in 2019. They can be engaging with fans of the game on all continents with a total of 30 teams in pre-season. Their main focus is developing the game in India.

They are working with FIBA, more clinics, more academies, and other things that will be helping them to improve their fame in creating a fanbase in the country.

It is for the first time in three years the NBA went out to be global and hosted the game in Japan before returning to Abu Dhabi.

Previously they visited Mumbai in 2019 after which they are set to be global. The 2019 game was in Mumbai for Sacramento Kings, Indian-born Vivek Randive and Indian Pacers.

Adam Silver also adds that their major goal for NBA is having their presence in India for NBA. Silver also speaks about the star player of basketball who have international players Nicola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo from Serbia and Greece who raise the fame in the game.

Adam Silver wants to create a world-class player across the globe in basketball where they can spread the game and he is to believe in the emergence of France.

Adding further he says, As he is speaking right now, all around the world, there are young boys and girls bouncing basketballs, showing love. Victor seems to be the product of that where the young man is growing up loving basketball.

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