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Tommy Fury Net Worth 2022, Height, records, Father, Girlfriend, Age, Brother, Endorsements, Foundations, and Charity, How to Contact Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury is the younger brother of World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury. In this article, you will get information about Tommy Fury Net Worth 2022, Height, records, Father, Girlfriend, Age, Brother, Endorsements, Foundations, and Charity, How to Contact Tommy Fury. Tommy became famous due to his family connections and participation in the reality television program Love Island. Although he is known as a reality TV star, Fury is serious about his boxing.

Fury is currently sporting 8 wins and zero losses. He is ranked 334 334th worldwide in the light heavyweight division. His birth was on May 7, 1999, in Manchester, England. In 2022 the age of his son is 23. He took a break from his professional boxing schedule to be a part of the fifth season of the ITV2 dating reality TV program Love Island.

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Tommy Fury Net Worth 2022, Height and records:

Tommy Fury’s Net Worth is $2 Million in 2022. Tommy Fury Height is 1.83 m. Tommy Fury records a total of played 8 matches and won all 8 matches.

Fury has only been in undercard fights of more giant fights, meaning the pay-outs have not been a lot. But the money he will be expected to collect when he faces Paul is much greater.

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Tommy Fury’s Father, Girlfriend, Age, Brother, and Endorsements:

Tommy’s Fury’s father john fury. Tommy Fury’s girlfriend’s name is Molly-Mae Hague. His age is 23 years. Tommy Fury’s Brother’s name is Tony fury. Tommy Fury’s Endorsements are McDonald’s and Disney Plus. It comes from endorsements he received after his performance on Love Island.

Although the contestants received only PS250 in villas, the attention and the following ensure that most have a comfortable life now.  Molly-May is now the artistic director of the fashion label Pretty Little Thing. Together they earn more cash through endorsements, further boosting Fury’s fortunes.

Tommy Fury 2022 Foundations, and Charity:

Tyson Fury 2022 foundation and charity name is Tyson Fury foundations and has multiple UK- based charities.  Tyson Fury is Tommy’s older half-brother. He is one of John Fury’s gypsy children, each of whom has a mother.

Each Tommy and Tyson and, later, the younger sibling Shane were part of their father’s Fury traditional family sport of boxing, getting the boxing bug in their dad, who was also a professional fighter.

How to Contact Tommy Fury?

Tommy Fury can be contacted through Email Id He was always interested in boxing, but he began to pursue the sport more seriously at the age of 12.

Tommy began his professional career at the age of 19. He was instructed by British boxing legend Ricky Hatton at the Hatton gym in Manchester.

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