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Top 10 famous boxers in the World of all time (Updated List in 2022)

The realm of Boxing has produced some of the best, fastest, most potent, and most adept boxers in the World of professional boxing history. The Ring Magazine, famously called The Boxing Bible, had recently listed the most outstanding Top 10 famous boxers in the World of all time.

Let us get a glimpse of who is the top of the top boxers in the history of Boxing. In our discussion of the past’s top ten most successful boxers, we will investigate their careers and record-breaking performances. Also, this discussion is open, and you can leave your thoughts within it.

Top 10 famous boxers in the World of all time

n the early days of his professional career, the boxer was the most famous boxer to take home a divisional world championship in the history of Boxing. Famous boxers in the World are a recipient of many awards under their name as the most prominent fighters.

Briefly, famous boxers in the World have various championship titles such as the lightweight title, WBC Welterweight title, Ring magazine, and light middleweight titles. Here is the list of the Top 10 famous boxers in the World of all time.

10. Sugar Ray Robinson

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In the final analysis, Sugar Ray Robinson is regarded as the most famous boxer on this list. From his early days as a professional, Robinson has been a formidable figure with the third-longest streak of unbeaten in the history of Boxing.

9.   Muhammad Ali

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His nickname is The People’s Champion; Ali is the most potent heavyweight ever. Of course, he is the most well-known name in the sports industry in the 20th century.

Through many highs and lows, Ali has fought in many historic fights to achieve his outstanding accomplishment. Ali depicts a boxing record of 56 wins (37 KO) and five losses.

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8.   Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the only one who is pound-for-pound without losing. A former boxer, Mayweather has won 15 major championships in all. In 2016, Floyd was regarded as the best boxer, pound-for-pound over the past 25 years.

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Also, he is known for his defensive skills and punches. In the time he has been hanging up his career in the sport, Floyd has collected fifty wins, of which 27 are knockouts.

7.   Manny Pacquiao

Manny is currently the only world champion in eight divisions in boxing history; Manny holds 12 important world titles with his name. Additionally, he’s the most seasoned world champion of welterweights in history.

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And maybe one of the top boxers ever! Manny holds the title of lineal champion in five weight classes. Looking back at his record in Boxing, Manny portrays 62 wins (39 KOs) and seven losses with two draws.

6.   Guglielmo Papaleo

A professional boxer who was late in his career, more popularly known under the name Willie Pep, is one of the most elegant fighters. There is no doubt that he is also regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the 20th century and perhaps the best boxers of all time.

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And, of course, Pep also stood as the top featherweight fighter throughout the early 20th century. Omit his record in Boxing. He holds 229 victories (65 KO) with just eleven losses and one loss in a no-contest. In his professional time in the sport, Peo has garnered twenty-five wins at the featherweight level.

5.   Mike Tyson

Tyson is widely regarded as the most powerful Heavyweight Boxer ever. He was also the undisputed champion of the world heavyweight championship from 1987 until 1990. Throughout his professional career, Tyson earned WBA, WBC, and IBF titles.

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Then again, Mike is most well-known for his fierce Boxing and intimidating fighting style. Omit, he displays an impressive record in Boxing, including 50 victories (44 KO), six losses, and two no-contests.

4.   Roberto Duran Samaniego

In the ring for over five years, Joe Louis is famous as a multi-faceted wrestler and a pressure-fighter. He even was voted the fifth most potent fighter in the last 80 years in the early 2000s. At that point, Joe was done with his career.

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Joe had accumulated at least 103 victories (70 KO) and 16 losses. He won titles in four weight classes throughout his career. He is included in the Hall of Fame. Duran is one of the greatest lightweights who have ever fought with well-known combat that is fierce.

3.   Joseph Louis Barrow

The late Joe Louis was an ex-professional boxer often referred to as one of the ring’s most significant and most potent. Everybody is aware of his power in the ring. He was the champion of the world heavyweight championship.

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And, of course, He is among the third greatest of power punchers. Additionally, to his title, he was also the boxer with the longest-running single reign as champion in the history of Boxing. In the end, Joe portrays a fighting record of 66 victories (52 knockouts) and three defeats.

2.   Ray Charles Leonard

Leonard is often referred to as “The greatest” boxer of his time; Leonard was also the winner of the title “Boxer of the Decade” back in the 1980s. In the past, Leonard was also part of “The Fabulous Four. The group comprised Leonard himself and three others: Roberto Duran, Thomas Hearns, and Marvin Hagler.

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The group thrived in the 1980s and brought them immense fame. Leonard portrays a boxing record of 36 wins (25 KO), three losses, and a draw. Omit his titles; he’s won five world weight division titles, three lineal weight division championships, and the undisputed world title.

1.   Shane Andre Mosley

Mosley is an ex-professional and a two-time lineal champion in the welterweight class. He has competed at the top of his weight classes of welterweight, lightweight, and medium-weight light.  

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Additionally, he’s regarded as one of the lightest boxers that ever lived, and his opponents also praised him. Omit his record in fighting. His record is 51 victories (41 KO) with 10 draws, 1 loss, and a single fight.

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