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India vs Australia 1st T20 Mohali: Parking Facility of IS Bindra International Cricket Stadium

The India-Australia T20 match will be played at IS Bindra International Cricket Stadium Mohali today. It is expected to remain houseful during this period. The ground has hosted 5 T20 matches to date. The first match was played here on 12 December 2009.

The last T20 match was played on 18 September 2019. There was no T20 match here during the Covid period. Therefore, all the tickets for the competition being held now have been sold out. The ground can seat 27,000 spectators.

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Park the vehicle according to the ticket

Mohali Police has said that according to the ticket, the parking of the fans has been fixed. Park your vehicle according to your ticket or gate, so that no one will face any problem. The police have also put up barriers in many places.

Park your vehicle here

  • P1 Parking Inside Hockey Stadium (with tickets to Gate1A)
  • P2(1) Inside the Sports Stadium (with tickets to Gate1B)
  • Market Front or Back of P2(2) Phase-11 (Gate-9 ticket holders)
  • Opposite P3 Majestic Hotel (Gate1C ticketed)
  • Opposite P4 Phase 10 Market (Gate-10 & 2A ticketed)
  • Opposite P5 Petrol Pump (Open Parking)
  • Behind the P6 Stadium Practice Area (with tickets to Gate-6)
  • Near P7 PUDA Bhawan (Gate-1 & 4 ticketed.

Match will start at 7:30 pm

If the spectators want to enjoy the match with the first ball, then they should reach the field shortly before the scheduled time. The sooner they get closer to the field, the sooner they will be able to enter the stadium. Because they may take time to get entry due to the checking equipment installed at the gate.

For the first time, a stand named after Bhajji-Yuvi

For the first time in the field, fans will be able to watch the match in the stands named after Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh. Both the players, who have played international cricket for India for a long time, were also part of the Indian cricket team in the 2011 World Cup.

The North Pavilion has been prepared in the name of Yuvraj Singh, while the South Pavilion is ready in the name of Harbhajan Singh

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