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Fans of Five Wigan Athletic Banned From Fixtures

The orders of banning the fans are for those who are creating some kind of offence on the grounds. These include going to or from a game and also other crimes which are related to football.

The orders are that the fan will not be able to attend any of the football events within the United Kingdom and they will have to surrender their passport when the national game is taking place overseas and not in the country.

The fans of Wigan Athletic will undergo five banning orders during the end of the last season. In the 2021-22 season three orders were issued and wigan today reports another few for the season ahead.

The Football Banning Order (FBO) announces the banning. Burgoyne states, “Entering Wigan town centre and around the area of Wigan Athletic’s ground on Saturdays and Sundays for hours prior to kick-off and six hours on the conclusion of the fixture when Wigan have a home fixture and on any other weekday from 4 pm to 12 midnight when Wigan have a home fixture.”

Adding it states, “attending at or travelling to, any town or city in the United Kingdom on a day that Wigan are playing there” and from “attending at or travelling to, any town or city in the United Kingdom on a day that England is playing there.”

Recently, the banning orders are up on the Wigan Athletic fans where the fan gets a huge fine and a banning order at the grounds of Plymouth Argyle’s Home Park in November 2021. The

The trouble started when Wigan scores a winning goal where the police officers and CCTV were held up for the investigation of the issue.

It seems that the fans were in a fight in the player’s car park which lead to the banning of the player from the series.

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