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Indonesia Football Stadium Burst Out a Fire least 125 were Killed in Stampede!

Indonesia football stadium burst out of the fire caused due tear gas that cause the stampede to happen. This Sunday in the city of Malang 323 were injured however as per the current reports least 125 witnessed the death,

The incident occurred at the Indonesian football stadium and witnessed many angry home fans invading the pitch of the game.

After the team Arena, FC loses the game the fans of the team went straight down to the grounds where the rivals started. The team lost the game by 3-2 for the day.

After the two officers were killed in the riots the police tried to send the supporters back to the stands. However, there has been a lot of death on the grounds.

Emil Dardak East Java deputy governor speaks on the event, “Some names were recorded twice because they had been referred to another hospital and were written down again.”.

A 43-year-old spectator speaks to one of the leading news portals. He says, “Officers fired tear gas, and automatically people were rushing to come out pushing each other and it caused many victims,”

Adding further he says, that there is nothing happening and also there was no riot however the issue comes up where tear gas was fired. And it was a little shocking that they didn’t even think about the kids and women.

Another 22-year-old survivor of the stampede speaks about the tragedy saying that It was terrifying and so shocking that he had to lose 3 friends who were there to watch the matches.

Adding on he says, People were pushing each other and .. many were trampled on their way to the exit gates. His eyes were burning because of the tear gas but fortunately, he managed to climb up the fence and survive the stampede.

The death toll for the tragedy was 158 at 09:30 AM (IST) and within a hour the number reaches 174 that is at 10:30 AM (IST) as per the reports.

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