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Lionel Messi To Play His Last World Cup in Qatar!

Lionel Messi a star football player will be playing his last world cup which is Qatar World Cup 2022. He speaks about his decision in a conversation with Sebastian Vignolo.

He says This is going to be his last World Cup — for sure. The decision has been made says, Messi. He is counting down the days until the World Cup. The truth is, there’s a little anxiety, where he is thinking of they are here, what’s going to happen? it is the last one and how the game is going to be and many things.

He says he cannot wait for the event to come but also on the other and he is desperate for the event to go well he adds.

They are very good at the moment he states, where they have a strong group, but anything can happen at a World Cup he says. The matches are going to be difficult that which will be making World Cup so special because the favourites are not always going to be the ones who will be ending up winning or even doing as well as you be expecting.

Well, he isn’t aware of they are favourites but Argentina is a candidate for history for what it means. He states there is another team too who is ahead of them and they are not just the favourites.

Messi is a popular and professional football player from Argentina where he marks his game as forward. The player is currently a part of Paris Saint-Germain where the number of the player is 30. the youth career of the player starts with Grandoli and currently in Paris- Saint Germain.

Their international debut of the player took off in 2007 when he wins 164 caps for Argentina which is a great number.

Messi is star player of the game football having a huge number of fans to his career football journey.

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