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Tombense vs Novorizontino To Start Off With Match On September 30 at 03:30 AM (IST)

Tombense will be locking horns with Novorizontino a popular and professional football tournament to take off on September 30, 2022.

The event will be rollout at 03:30 AM (IST). The match will roll out at the grounds of Estadio Soares de Azevedo for the evening.

Tombense is in the 12th position of the league table having played 31 matches and is the winner for 09. The total points for the team in the league table are 40.

Novorizontino is in the 14th position of the table having played 31 matches and is the winner for 09 where the total points of the team are 36.

Check out more details about the Tombense vs Novorizontino match details, prediction, team squad, weather forecast, and more information here on this page.

Tombense vs Novorizontino Match Details

Tombense will be taking it over the Novorizontino to take off on September 30, 2022. The event is going to be a rollout of the Brazilian Serie B event.

The match takes off on Estadio Soares de Azevedo for the evening.

  • Match: Tombense vs Novorizontino
  • Match Details: Brazilian Serie B
  • Date: September 30, 2022
  • Time: 03:30 AM (IST)
  • Venue: Estadio Soares de Azevedo
Tombense vs Novorizontino Predictions

Comparing the gameplay of the team the winner predicted for the evening is Tombense.

Predicted Winner: Tombense

The winner prediction for Tombense vs Novorizontino is on the basis of analysis and the final results for the league will be out after the matches this evening.

Tombense vs Novorizontino Team Squad


Rafael Santos, Manoel, Mateus Buiate, Moises, Patrick, Joseph, Marcondes, Roger Carvalho, Jordan, Ednei, Joao Lazzari, Leo Lang, Felipe Garcia.


Romario Pontes, Walber, Isaque Gavioli, Joilson, Rodolfo Fileman, Vinicius Almeida, Lucas, Lucas Frigeri, Rodrigo Viana, Giovanni

Tombense vs Novorizontino Weather Forecast

The temperature ranges from 13 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius where precipitation will e around 30%, humidity will be 89% and the wind speed is going to be 19km/hr in Brazil.

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