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Top 10 highest goalscorers of all time (Latest Update on Forque)

Football is a game that is played with goals. The goal of a player is to get as many goals as you can. in this article the list of the Top 10 highest goalscorers of all time. The skill of scoring goals isn’t known to everyone. There were a lot of players around the world who are remembered today due to their goalscoring prowess.

Although most players have left the game a few are in the top 10 list of the greatest goal scorers in football history. When we look back on the players who were the top goal scorers at the time of the game, some amazing names are revealed. Find out who is at the top of the list of football’s top goalscorers in the past.

Top 10 highest goalscorers of all time (Latest Update on Forque)

Josef Bican was the leading goal scorer in history before Ronaldo broke his record in the year. The football game is famous worldwide. People like to watch football games. It is a globally popular game.

Here people are crazy about the football game and it’s a game of scoring several goals that team wins the match. Here is the list of the Top 10 highest goalscorers of all time (Latest Update on Forque).

10.  Tulio Maravilha

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575 goals (total games not known) 1988-2019. A Brazilian journeyman with an eye for the goal. Just recently officially retired. Tulio has played with more than forty clubs throughout his career.

9.  Uwe Seeler

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575+ goals (total games undetermined) from 1953 to 1978. The German legend was prolific in his time at Hamburger However, he was unable to translate his ideas into silverware. He scored two goals in his single appearance with the Irish club Cork Celtic in 1978.

8.   Ferenc Deak

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576+ Goals (total games undetermined) between 1940 and 1957. One of Hungary’s finest in their glory days and a legend in his native country, but not so much around the world. Amazingly, Deak averaged over three goals per game throughout his time in the club Szentlorinci AC.

7.  Gerd Muller

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734 goals were scored in 793 games between 1962 and 1981. The most significant goal scored by the striker was his win in the 1974 World Cup final as Germany defeated the Netherlands 1-1 in Munich. Muller is the most prolific goal scorer at Bayern Munich and is more than double the top scorer.

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6.   Ferenc Puskas

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Seven46+ goal in 754+ matches 1943-1966. Another Hungarian legend, Puskas now lends his name to the award given to that most stunning goal each year. He was a household name in Budapest before making his mark in Real Madrid. Messi celebrates another goal.

5.   Pele

757 goals were scored in 831 games from 1957 to 1977. One of the greatest players ever as well as a triple World Cup winner. Pele scored more than a goal per game in his 656 games of competitive play for Santos.

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Although he claims to have scored over 1,000 goals in his entire career. It is however generally accepted that hundreds of those goals occurred during the tour or friendly games. Pele will not lie to you.

4.   Romario

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772 goals 994 games – 1985-2007. Romario played a key role in leading Brazil in the race to World Cup glory in 1994 by scoring five goals at the tournament. He had a stellar career with a variety of elite clubs around the globe.

3.   Lionel Messi

778 goals scored in 984 matches 2003 to present. A real legend, Messi won countless awards to accompany his achievements in Barcelona, including seven Ballon d’Or awards.

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Today, with PSG and PSG, the Argentine has just a few years left to add to his impressive record. He will be keen to prove his doubters wrong and deliver the goods on a completely different level.  Man United icon Ronaldo has more than 800 goals in his career.

2.   Josef Bican

More than 805 goals from 530 games 1931-1956. In 217 games, Bican scored 395 goals. with Slavia Prague. Bican was awarded the honor of being the most prolific football goalscorer for over 60 years.

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However, he has finally been deposed.  Although it is reported that the player scored over 1500 goals throughout his playing career but only 805 were recognized by FIFA.

1.  Cristiano Ronaldo

815 goals in 1,128 games from 2001 to the present. Modern greats in the history of Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, and now the Red Devils again.

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Ronaldo has always won in the game and is in good form today. He has just added the biggest record to his storied career, by surpassing Bican. Ronaldo’s goal-scoring record is at an amazing 815 goals. And he is not finished yet.

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