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EA Sports to enable FIFA 23’s 10-hour trial for all users – Release date, how to access, benefits, and more

For those who are fans of FIFA 23, there is serious news. But it would be wrong to say that the news is only fatal because it is happy news in the true sense. And the reason I say so much fun is because EA Sports FIFA 23 will be a 10-hour trial. This trial is going to be with very modern methods. Check EA Sports to enable FIFA 23’s 10-hour trial for all users – Release date, how to access, benefits.

Not only that this trial is different from the follow and procedures followed by other games these days. This means that players of the game will get access to FIFA 23 for 10 hours before its release. The reason behind this trial is to check if the game is working appropriately, and smoothly or if it is experiencing problems.

Release Date:

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The original FIFA 23 game will be released on September 30. And 72 hours before the release of this game i.e. from September 27th you will get 10 hours of free early access. All I can say is get ready to hit the pitch early with FIFA 23.

How To Access:

As mentioned earlier you will need an EA Play membership to access the FIFA 23 10-hour trial. Because the trial you get comes as part of a subscription. However, it works as an active subscription so you must have at least one month’s subscription from EA Gaming.

Now, if you already have a subscription, the trial version will be available for download once you sign up. You will also have the option to download on the same platform for which your EA Play account has been created.

EA Sports to enable FIFA 23's 10-hour trial for all users - Release date
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This is the real thing because you have many benefits after this 10-hour trial. For example, if after playing the demo you decide to purchase this version, you will be able to keep all the progress you have made so far.

Also for the most bang for your buck are volta outfits, volta coins, and a stadium set with Ultimate Team seasonal XP boost. Not only that, but more exclusive content and rewards are now available for you on EA Play.

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In addition to the above rewards, your progress will ensure which player items you can place on the Ultimate Team. Also, those purchasing will get a 10% discount on the purchase price.

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