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Genshin Impact 2022 Anniversary event Date, Time, Contest, and more

Genshin Impact 2022 Anniversary event celebrating its 2022 anniversary with rewards and special events. People who watched the live stream of 3.1 may have already seen the 7-day login process and the in-game mail rewards. Check Genshin Impact 2022 Anniversary event Date, Time, and Contest.

Genshin Impact officials organize several online events and contests to celebrate the achievement. You can participate in these events or competitions to be eligible for Primo gems and other rewards.

Genshin Impact 2022 Anniversary event Date, Time:

Genshin Impact’s release date was September 28, 2020. Genshin Impact is celebrating its Anniversary on September 28. Many events can occur on the same day or earlier. This is based on the first Anniversary last year.

Genshin Impact 2022 Anniversary event Date
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Genshin Impact 2022 Anniversary Contest:

In-game, there are now significant anniversary events. Take home 10 Intertwined Fate from the daily login, and you’ll be able to claim a commemorative device and a Cloud Retainer pet via in-game mail. You also have the Mondstadt reward, which offers free tips like the Missive Windspear gun.

Genshin Impact is celebrating its second Anniversary and the most recent 3.1 updates on the same day, September 28, 2022. This picture was taken during the 3.1 Livestream. The anniversary rewards were also revealed. Here is a quick summary of the prizes.

  • Path of Gleaming Jade: Players need to log into their account and log in to the event site in-game to get handsome rewards. Logging in continuously for seven consecutive days will reward you with items such as 10 intertwined fates, mystic enhancement ores, hero wits, and more.
  • In-game Mail rewards

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Genshin Impact: Second Anniversary Grand Challenge Round 1:

 Round, one of the Grand Challenge Anniversary, requires that players post text content.  HoYolab or another official social platform must have the post content. It should not exceed 50 words. It must also contain “#IAmTraveler” as the topic.

Players must make public their accounts as well as their post. The event will occur between September 22, 2022, and October 2, 2022. Paimon will acknowledge only 1000 lucky winners. The reward will include 160 Primo gems.

Genshin Impact: New event active during 2nd Anniversary:

Melody of Dreamlike Wanderings is one of the many web-events players can take part in to win Primo gems and other rewards. To participate in the web event, players must watch the entire video that is available on the designated HoYoLAB Event page. The tweet below contains a link to the event page.

You can leave the name of your favorite song in the comment section after you have viewed the whole video. In the web event, players have a chance of winning around 40 Primo gems. Officials will issue Primo gems redemption codes via a HoYoLAB forum post within seven days of this web-event closing.

You can also participate in the Endless Journey, where you will be asked to share your Genshin Impact stories and other memories using text format. The topic is “Endless Journey.” Players will have until September 28, 2022, to submit their stories. The winner will win hefty amounts of Primo gems and other rewards such as a Sony PS5, Apple iPad 64GB, or “Spark Knight’ Klee Figure.

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