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Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Window Leaks: Rumor or Real

There is a lot of speculation about whether GTA 6 has actually been officially launched or not. Are there really any hints from Rockstar for fans or is it all a hoax? When is GTA Six coming to the market? If there is really any news about GTA 6 release. There is no end to questions in the minds of fans of GTA 6. Check out Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Window Leaks: Rumor or Real.

Of course, we also have reasons for that. Incredibly the Grand Theft Auto community has been particularly active in the past week. But I can’t call it positive news. Because all the GTA 6 news you have received so far has not been officially uploaded by Rockstar. For now, Rockstar’s statement is that all official documents have been hacked.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Window Leaks: Rumor or Real

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But is there no news of GTA 6 now? There is definitely news but I am not saying that it will give you much pleasure. You probably know by now what is going to happen or what is coming from the GTO Six hack. But the game will not be released now anyway.

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The main reason is that Rockstar claims that someone stole much of the project’s source code from their hacked site. As a result of which they also stated that GTA is now under development process. Needless to say, their statement makes it clear that GTA may not be in our hands until 2023.

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Needless to say, this isn’t the first leaked window of GTA VI. Earlier we have come across a lot of leaks about this game. Not only that, there are a number of content creators, insiders, and leakers who are claiming that GTA 6 could be upon us in 2023 or even next year.

So clearly we have nothing to do now but wait and count the days. It’s not too surprising though, as we learned in a leak in May 2021 that the game could launch in late 2023. Although it is worth noting that not all leaks seem credible.

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