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GTA 6 release date: When is GTA 6 coming out Everything we know so far

Well well well! If rockstar games can be hacked then the phone market for common people like us is a small matter. The reason I’m saying this is because social media is abuzz with GTA 6. For a moment after watching the trailer, everyone thought that GTA 6 might have arrived.

But actually, it is not true. To dash everyone’s hopes, Rockstar Games has a great message for its fans. After seeing that, more and more media is buzzing about GTA 6. I will definitely tell you everything. But you must also read my entire article to know everything.

When is GTA 6 coming out?

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Actually, GTA 6 has been released but not in the way Rockstar Games wanted. I mean, not everyone knows yet if Rockstar Games actually made it up on their own, or if it really did what they say it did. Here comes only one question in my very healthy mind, now Rockstar Games wants to promote like a Bollywood movie by hiding everything?

Hey, don’t take me seriously because I’m joking. Well, that’s what I was saying, a tweet from Rockstar Games after the GTA 6 leak. They stated that a third party had illegally hacked their account due to some network problem. But they didn’t stop with just hacking they also stole some valid information and footage of GTA. Check Upcoming Big Games Of September 2022: Which Is Releasing This Month?

At the same time, their statement is that nothing like GTA 6 is coming right now. Because the whole process of this game is still under development. They are very disappointed to share the details of their next project in such a way. They also stated that they are very excited to deliver their next project with great anticipation. Moreover, there is no update regarding GTA 6 from Rockstar for now.

GTA 6 release date:

GTA 6 release date: When is GTA 6 coming out Everything we know so far
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On September 18, a game leak appeared online about GTA Six. Where we can see the game’s page has over 90 videos and screenshots from the initial in-development alpha build. Naturally, everyone started thinking that Rockstar might have hinted at some of the first releases with GTA VI.

But it is not too late to break the mistake. Because Rockstar has acknowledged and authenticated the hack. Though let me say it worked to scrub the leaked material from the internet. This leak has given some guesses about GTA VI’s location, characters, and gameplay. About there was a lot of speculation.

It is worth mentioning here that it is through this site that we get some new details about the game. But still, there are many rumors about the release date of GTA VI. Rockstar Games has not yet announced when it will arrive. In the end, I will say that it looks like it may still take two years or a year.

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