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Top 10 Popular Google Doodle games all time

Google has been celebrating birthday celebrations and holidays with its doodles for a long time. In this article, you will get the Top 10 Popular Google Doodle games of all time. Every doodle game is an entertaining little image displayed on the top of the homepage of Google and changes daily. Check the Top 10 Popular Google Doodle games of all time.

 Google Doodle games aim to simultaneously educate and honor players while providing a fun way to learn about the past. You can find them at or by clicking on the Doodle link at the bottom left corner of any results page.

Top 10 Popular Google Doodle games all time

If you are looking for an easy method to get your mind off the clock and gain a lesson, then look at the most well-known Google Doodle games. Google doodle games are famous all time worldwide.

Doodle like to play games online nowadays. Google games are popular globally with a huge variety of games. Here is their list of the Top 10 Popular Google Doodle games of all time.

10. Halloweens Past

 One of the oldest Google Doodle games on our list is Halloween 2009. It’s been played since the beginning of the internet. Although it’s not the most complicated or thrilling game, it’s still iconic. In this game, you can play as a ghost who can traverse windows to make humans fearful (or “humans” when you’re playing technically inclined).

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To be able to scare people, observe their movements using your mouse as they move about their house. If they stop for too long and stare at you, use the Spacebar before they are overwhelmed by your presence. Getting enough people scared makes them agree and earns the points you need!

9. Halloween 2015

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 It is not a surprise it was well-liked because it was one of the rare occasions when the Google Doodle had an actual game. You are a ghost trying to escape an uninvited house on Halloween, 2015. Your character must move across the screen to collect coins while avoiding obstacles controlled by your friends (or enemies).

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8. Halloween 2016

 The most viewed Google Doodle games were created to celebrate Halloween in 2016. The competition required you to control the Grim Reaper while he attempted to gather those souls that were dead using his scythe.

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If you fail, he loses all his power and will be utterly powerless against the evil forces. The game was played by millions of players and was regarded among the top Doodle games developed by Google Doodler Sophie Diao.

7. Rockmore

 The Rockmore Doodle was a short-lived game of puzzles that debuted in 2013. It was designed by a group of designers and engineers from Google. The game aims to uncover the secret rock band KISS.

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The name “Rockmore” comes from an alternate spelling/pronunciation of KISS that Gene Simmons uses in his song “Love Gun” (ROCKMORE). To celebrate KISS’ 40th anniversary, Google joined forces with KISS to develop an interactive and fun doodle. Where you need to locate each KISS member KISS in hiding on their website.

6. Basketball Google Doodle Game

 Basketball is played by two teams comprising five players on an oval court. The aim is to throw an object through a hoop of 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter and 10 feet (3.048 meters) high. It is attached to a backboard on both ends.

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The ball can be scored by shooting it into the hoop during everyday practice or placing it inside the basket in a free throw. The person who shoots the ball the most precisely over time will be famous as a practical shooter and could be granted more playing time, whereas players who do not shoot effectively may not get as much attention.

5. Doodle Champion Island Games

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 Doodle Champion Island Games is inspired by the well-known Doodle Champion game. It was launched in June 2016. The game was released for a brief period as well as Google’s Doodle team developed it.

4. Coding Carrots for Carrots

 Coding with Carrots is a game that teaches children about programming. It was launched in 2016 and is among the most viewed Google Doodles. In this fun and interactive game, you will be able to assist a rabbit in collecting carrots by writing simple JavaScript commands in a grid. This will guide him to where he is supposed to get.

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This game was designed in the Google Creative Lab and based on an earlier version of Logo. Logo teaches children to program by controlling an animated circle around the check using simple commands such as “go to the right 100 pixels” or “turn left 90 degrees. Coding for Carrots has been a massive hit since its first release because it aids young learners in grasping programming concepts without becoming too complicated.

3. Pac-Man Google Doodle Game

Pac-Man is among the most well-known and loved games ever created. Its Google Doodle version is no different. The player plays Pac-Man while it runs around in the maze, eating dots and trying to avoid ghosts. The dots earn points based on the size they are.

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Some unique items you can discover within the maze, like fruit that grants you more lives or power pellets that allow you to transform your foes into food items to eat. But whatever their differences might appear, one aspect has been unchanging throughout the ages.

2. Pony Express Google Doodle Game

 Pony Express is a racing game where you are required to send the mail to appropriate recipients. The game was designed in celebration of the 150th-anniversary Pony Express. Google’s game development team made Pony Express.

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The game was made available on the 10th of May, 2013. There will be some challenges along the way, like the elusive river that will try to throw you off track by shifting your speedometer upwards or down based on the distance it’s within–but there’s nothing impossible to defeat with a bit of skill.

1. Rubik’s Cube

 The Rubik’s Cube is a 3x3x3 cube puzzle designed by Erno Rubik in 1974. The mystery was made available to the general public through Ideal Toy Corp. in 1980. The idea of the Rubik’s Cube has been around since at least 1903, the year William Baily published an article that was titled “Practical Amusements.

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The puzzle layout comprises nine individual cubes on each side that can be rotated in one direction. Each side contains nine squares, each with three colors, making 27 squares that are unique (9 each color). The aim is to arrange the 27 squares to ensure that no adjacent sides share the same color.

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