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UFC Star Jorge Masvidal Net Worth 2022, Wife, Height, Stats, and Championship, What Martial Arts does, Jorge user, What are the future plans for Jorge Masvidal?

Jorge Masvidal was born in Miami in November 1984. He has competed as a lightweight as well as a lightweight. Masvidal has also a 1-1 record in professional kickboxing and boxing. In this article you will get information about UFC Star Jorge Masvidal Net Worth 2022, Wife, Height, Stats and Championship, What Martial Arts does, Jorge’s users, and What are future plans for Jorge Masvidal?

Masvidal earned his UFC debut by winning against Tim Means in April 2013. Masvidal won a Fight of the Night win, losing in the first round to Rustam Khabilov on November 2013. He also had a Performance of the Night with an upset in the fight against Donald Cerrone in January 2017.

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UFC Star Jorge Masvidal Net Worth 2022, Wife, and Height, career

UFC Star Jorge Masvidal Net Worth in 2022 is $6 Million.  His wife’s name is Maritza.  UFC Star Jorge Masvidal is 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m). It happened in UFC 239 when he knocked out Ben Askren after just five seconds.

Gamebird is among the toughest fighters in the world, and he does not back when he is in a fight. Masvidal was then given two opportunities to take on Kamaru Usman and win the Welterweight title. He failed in both his attempts to fight Usman at UFC 251 and UFC 261.

Jorge Masvidal MMA Stats and Championship

The 37-year-old began his MMA career by participating in street fights in Miami. Masvidal trained with the legendary MMA celebrity Kimbo Slice. He also was often in gyms.

It is reported that the MMA star also talked about his struggles and revealed that he used to sleep in gyms and cars while he worked to establish himself in the world of MMA. But, Masvidal always knew he would make it huge and worked hard. Jorge Masvidal Championship has won the ‘BMF’ as the Championship belt. 

The American has been a fighter for various promotions but was the first to make his MMA debut with AFC. AFC brand. Masvidal has been a fighter in Bodog FIGHT, Strikeforce, Bellator, G-Force, and many other global promotions.

What are the future plans for Jorge Masvidal?

Masvidal began his career in boxing in 2003 and has fought for a long time. His record currently stands at 35-15, and he is on a losing streak of two matches. Masvidal has also had some impressive fights throughout the years. He defeated Nate Diaz to become the first BMF champion in the UFC and is the holder of a record-setting most rapid knockout.

Masvidal declared himself the man next in line to get a shot at the welterweight title with three stunning wins in 2019. The first was his stunning single-punch knockout of Darren Till in March. Then, there was his record-breaking and flying-knee knockout, Ben Askren, in July.

Not to be left out was his BMF title victory against Nate Diaz in November. After a performance similar to that, it was clear that he had earned the chance to win the welterweight title.

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