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Cazoo Open de France 2022 Prize Money Breakdown, Everything you need to know

The Cazoo Open is also known as the Wales Open. It is basically a European Tour professional golf tournament. It is also played at Celtic Manor Resort. Here I say that Wales Open is a very famous tournament in the world of golf. Many famous competitors participate in this tournament. Check Cazoo Open de France 2022 Prize Money Breakdown.

It was played as an annual game from 2000 to 2014. But in between, it operates as part of a 15-year deal between the tour and Celtic Manor Resort. As a result, the event was not held from 2015 to 2019. However, it returned in 2020 after the reorganization of the European Tour due to the pandemic.

Cazoo Open de France 2022 Prize Money Breakdown

Cazoo Open de France 2022 Prize Money Breakdown
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The Cazoo Open 2022 will begin play on August 4 at Celtic Manor Resort. You can meet many of the world’s best golfers in this tournament. Among them, you can find Pepe Angels, Eduardo Molinari, and many more. The 2022 English Open is being held at the hillside golf club in Southport, England.

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In this regard, I would like to inform you that this professional golf tournament is a part of the DP World Tour. Not only that but it is played on Celtic Manor Resort’s top-class twenty-ten courses. Amazingly this course was specially designed for the 2010 Ryder Cup.

Prize Money Breakdown:

The Cazoo Open purse in 2022 is set at 1.75 million euros. This means the prize money is being shared among the top 65 players in the tournament.

The winner of the tournament will receive 291660 euros as prize money. Don’t worry, there are 194,440 euros for the runner-up. Similarly, there is 1095 50 Euro prize money for the third place winner.

But as the position gradually decreases i.e. goes backward, the prize money will also decrease. I hope you understand with this condition that the 65th rank player only has 4025 euros to live for.

Cazoo Open Payout List 2022:

1st- €291,660
2nd- €194,440
3rd -€109,550
4th -€87,500
5th -€74,200
6th -€61,250
7th- €52,500
8th- €43,750
9th- €39,200
10th- €35,000
11th- €32,200
12th- €30,100
13th- €28,175
14th- €26,775
15th- €25,725
16th- €24,675
17th- €23,625
18th- €22,575
19th- €21,700
20th- €21,000
21st- €20,300
22nd- €19,775
23rd- €19,250
24th- €18,725
25th- €18,200
26th- €17,675
27th- €17,150
28th- €16,625
29th- €16,100
30th- €15,575

More Payout List:

31st- €15,050
32nd- €14,525
33rd- €14,000
34th- €13,475
35th- €13,125
36th- €12,775
37th- €12,425
38th- €12,075
39th- €11,725
40th- €11,375
41st- €11,025
42nd- €10,675
43rd- €10,325
44th- €9,975
45th- €9,625
46th- €9,275
47th- €8,925
48th- €8,575
49th- €8,225
50th- €7,875
51st- €7,525
52nd- €7,175
53rd- €6,825
54th- €6,475
55th- €6,125
56th- €5,775
57th- €5,425
58th- €5,250
59th- €5,075
60th- €4,900
61st- €4,725
62nd- €4,550
63rd- €4,375
64th- €4,200
65th- €4,025

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