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Rajasthan Bags First Gold in Shooting by Vivaan Kapoor!

Rajasthan gets their first-ever gold medal in the shooting which is bagged by Vivaan Kapoor. The medal is bagged by Vivaan this Friday at the Crowne shooting range bagging a score of 118 in the qualification round.

The final score for the player was 31 in the finals where Zoravar Singh Sandhu is left behind at position two having a score of 26 in the game.

The bronze medal is bagged by Services’ Balabhadra Tarashia having a score of 20 in his name. Vivaan is a trainee under Khaled Al-Mudhaf who is a World Champion of Kuwait in Jaipur and Delhi.

He is an incredible player who has a good shoot event in tough situations and weather gusty rainy and not in much support.

Vivaan marks the wins in a difficult situation where his sportsmen spirit was up. He says after the matches that it was really challenging for him and also dark but he is thankful to his coach as his technique was strong enough and Vivaan can make it to the game.

He was so well technique in the game that he was not bothered by the changing weather conditions during the game.

He says that the conditions were the same for all of them and he didn’t think about anyone else during the game well just concentrated on his targets and his technique. He wanted to give his best in the game and he is glad that he could do it in the game.

The player was competing for gold which is like creating a lot of pressure and he finally makes it to a gold medal for Rajasthan.

He adds further saying that he could not just hear his heart pounding but also his eyes were popping out due to pressure in the game.

Vivaan is a 20-year-old player in the game of shooting where he bags a Gold medal in the National Games defeating Punjab’s Zoravar Singh Sandhu have a score of 31-26 making it to the gold medal.

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