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Verstappen Wins the F1 Drivers Championship Title

Max Verstappen makes it to winning the F1 driver championship title for the second time in a row. The title of the championship is decided in Steward’s room which is on track. It was an impressive win for the driver.

The player who makes it to win his first-ever F1 title where is Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez. He starts his race despite the rain at Suzuka with Leclerc.

The start of the race looked like the player will be ending up in position two however, the race rolled out with the player overtaking position one.

The player is confirmed to be the champion where he leads Perec and Leclerc in the race. The race took off at 1400 local time and max defends Leclerc to a close run where he Turns 1. Japan 2022 race results were out where Max’s points were 25 on the table.

Here are the race results for Japan 2022 for the team.

  • VER: 25
  • PER: 18
  • LEC: 15
  • OCO: 12
  • HAM: 10

After crowning as the champion of the F1 he speaks about winning he states “Have I or Have I Not? I am hearing different things”.

He also speaks that he feels a bit lonely. Even after the celebration of the podium, he was not certain about his new title of being World Champion two times in a row. He also asked Jensen Button before the interview if he is a world champion.

FIA thinks that instead of staggering points they could be awarded as the race took off after the rain and was delayed having 113 points for Verstappen holding the lead and 112 were left to make it to win on the track.

The rains hit the track at Suzuka and the cars started to the car by spraying steam from their backs.

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