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Pankaj Advani: The World Champion For 25th Time, Beat Saurav Kothari 4-0 In The Finals

Indian star Pankaj Advani has won the World Billiards Championship. 37-year-old cue star Pankaj defeated his own country’s Sourav Kothari 4-0 in the final. This is his 17th billiards world title. With this title, his total number of world titles has gone up to 25. This competition was played in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Pankaj has won this title in point format. In this, the player has to score the first 150 points. Apart from this, there is also a time format. Play for as long as you can and keep scoring points. The final is played in the best of 7 formats.

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One-sided final match

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Pankaj defeated Saurav Kothari in a one-sided fashion in the final match. Their winning score was 4-0. This is how Pankaj’s winning sequence went…

  • Game 1: Pankaj starts with an opening break of 149 and takes a 1-0 lead.
  • Game 2: Advani lost the position after taking a lead of 31 points. Coming back a little later, Pankaj scored 77 more runs to take the game lead 2-0.
  • Game 3: Sourav starts off with some good shots. But failed to score points. In such a situation, Pankaj did not give a chance to his opponent to come back by taking 153 points in a row.
  • Game 4: Nothing special for Sourav. Kothari scored 29 points and made a mistake. In such a situation, Pankaj ensured victory with breaks of 60 and 86.

Such was the journey of the final

Pankaj entered the final with a comfortable 4-0 win. His journey to the final…

  • Semi-Final: Pankaj defeated Praput Chaitnasukan of Thailand 4-0 in the semi-final.
  • Last-8: Defeats Pouk Sa of Myanmar 4-2.
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