10: Rodent's Revenge Rodent's Revenge was such a weird puzzle game, and it really doesn't get enough credit for being a kind of reverse Pac Man.

9: Pipe Dream What's not to love about this game? It's kind of like Tetris, but instead of clearing out lines of weird blocks, you got to make a giant mess.

8: FreeCell Most of us will never understand how FreeCell is different from Solitaire, but moms of the world insist it's a totally disparate experience.

7: JezzBall Oh JezzBall, you're just an out-of-date computer game, so you'll never know how happy you made a generation of bored latchkey kids.

6: SkiFree Thing is, once you've been out on the slopes, you know there's no way it compares to being chased by a pixelated abominable snow man.

5: Chip's Challenge For a lot of millennials Chip's Challenge was the first puzzle game you played, and it was the perfect primer to prepare your inner nerd for a lifetime of fawning over Legend of Zelda.

4: Microsoft Mahjong Admit it, you tried to play Mahjong so many times on Windows 98 and never got further than staring at the large pyramid of tiles.

3: Minesweeper Most of us were never able to capture that magic, but it must've been very, very satisfying.

2: Solitaire If you were born any time after 1985, you can probably count the number of times you've played Solitaire IRL on one hand.

1: Pinball It was a revelation when computer users discovered they never had to go to an arcade again to play pinball.