There will be six esports games in the Esports President's Cup, namely Lokapala, Battle of Satria Dewa, Mobile Legends,.

PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and one local game from the submission system. The total prize money amounts to Rp1.8 billion.

However, there is no big money involved in the Presidents Cup. In fact, no player is paid for participating in the Presidents Cup on either side.

There is no prize money for the winning or losing team or the player that gets the most points, or anything like that.

The Presidents Cup is played strictly for the prize of the country or continent.

However, players do make a financial impact on the charity. . Each competitor designates charities or golf-related

projects of his choice to receive a portion of the funds raised through the staging of each Presidents Cup.

Since the inaugural Presidents Cup in 1994, $50 million has been raised for charity from event proceeds.

The Ryder Cup also has no prize money, though the PGA of America makes a $200,000

charitable contribution to a pair of charities in the name of each of the 12 players on the team, making for a $2.4 million commitment.