10: Ben Affleck He's such a big Boston fan, in fact, he even refused to wear a Yankees hat for Gone Girl. Now that's a true fan.

9: Matt Damon He's a lifelong Sox fan and even narrated the commemorative DVD release of the Red Sox winning the 2007 World Series.

8: Mark And Donnie Wahlberg he was right, and A-Rod had to spend a day serving burgers at Wahlburger's Fenway location.

7: Denis Leary He became emotional and hugged his son, grateful for the bonding experience they shared.

6: John Krasinski The bartender apparently hadn't gotten the memo: when you break an 86-year curse, you're allowed to dance on anything you want.

5: Christie Brinkley She can frequently be found at Fenway Park, sitting in the owners' seats or right on top of the home team's dugout.

4: Maria Menounos She also launched her concessions stand, Maria's Greek Kitchen, on Yawkey Way at Fenway Park that year

3: Kenny Chesney Passionate people who really care, who really dig in. Everyone I’ve ever met works hard takes real pride in what they do and plays with the same kind of passion."

2: Tom Brady The only obstacle to the Red Sox being the #1 most beloved sports entity in New England was Tom Brady

1: Seth Meyers Born and raised in Bedford, New Hampshire, SNL alum and late-night host Seth Meyers is another lifelong Sox fan.