10: What Remains of Edith Finch joined Game Pass in January, found a place in publisher Annapurna Interactive’s PS4 Box set in February, and even hit iOS in August. So, this game is hard to miss.

9: Sable You play as Sable, a young girl living in the desert world of Midden about to embark on her coming-of-age quest called the Gliding.

8: Outer Wilds The first and last DLC for Outer Wilds, called Echoes of the Eye, debuted only a few days ago, placing the game back on many gamers.

7: Night in the Woods The story begins as Mae, a recent college dropout, makes a reluctant return to her hometown.

6: Life is Strange: True Colors t’s only when she reunites with her long-lost brother that her perception begins to change. Following in the path of previous Life is Strange titles.

5: Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition It examines the broken promise of the American dream as delivery man, Conway, makes his way along the enigmatic, titular road.

4: Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Doki Doki Literature Club Plus gives players the school-boy tale of love and literature with enhanced visuals.

3: Before Your Eyes This truly unique title hit earlier this year and blew us away with its innovative and evocative take on storytelling.

2: Norco Norco tells a gripping, sometimes disturbing, and often darkly humorous tale set in a surrealist take on Louisiana.

1: Stray Stray's feline protagonist first captured players' attention back in 2020 during Sony's Future of Gaming Show.